Our Services

At Nachu Finance we offer a complete, one-stop solution for all your mortgage and property related needs.

Our services have been designed to offer as much or as little as you might need. Whether you just want advice on a specific type of mortgage, or you want us to hold your hand from start to finish, we are here to help. We appreciate and understand that buying a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime, and promise to leave no stone unturned to give you the very best service possible.

At Nachu Finance, we pride ourselves on offering you outstanding customer service and flawless professionalism at every stage. As our strapline says, proud to be transparent, so you will not have to worry about hidden fees or covert complications at any stage of the process.

We will uphold all the lines of communication between you, your solicitor, the estate agent and any other stakeholders so that every element of your property purchase is smooth and stress-free.

What we do

Our complete mortgage advice service brings together all the information and assistance you will need if you’re thinking about buying a house. We want to be here for you, from your initial enquiry through to the day you pick up your keys. Our services cover:

Residential mortgages

We offer all the advice and support you’ll need if you’re buying a house to live in. Being independent/whole of market advisers, we are not restricted to any one lender or a smaller panel of lenders for us to chose from for you.

Our long list of happy clients include First time buyers, Home movers, clients wanting to remortgage, those needing to borrow extra money without changing their current residential mortgage (second charge loans), those purchasing their council home at a discount (right to buy), those who are unable to buy the entire house but can buy a percentage of their home (shared ownership) and  those who need to purchase a new home and make use of the help to buy equity loan.  We cover them all, we have seen them all and are able to assist you whatever you residential mortgage need is.

We have a very rich experience in dealing with complex circumstances such as unusual property types, contractors getting paid a daily rate, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Workers, self-employed clients (even with only 1 years accounts), Limited company shareholder and directors who have not withdrawn all their earnings as salary and dividends, those looking to purchase a property from a family member at a discounted price without having to pay any deposit(concessionary family purchase) , foreign nationals with limited visa to live in the UK –  just to name a few.

Buy to let Mortgages

We cover a wide range of services designed to help professional landlords as well as those who are considering renting out their home. Whether you are considering to become a landlord or a professional landlord with a portfolio of properties, we are able to help.

With the tax rules changes, additional stamp duty for second property, capital gains tax on non-residential property, lenders increased stress testing on rental income needed to support the mortgage –  property investors are forced to deal with plenty of issues.  Our vast experience of dealing with many clients with very varied circumstances, strong relationship with lenders and our dedication to offering you the best option out there can make all the difference to you.

We have seen many complex circumstances over the years and we genuinely believe if there is a legitimate way for you to reach your objective in this ever changing market then we will be able to help you achieve it.

Development Finance

Our services include development finance for those wishing to engage in property development such as conversion of flats to residential units, mixed use development, purchase in an auction, light to heavy refurbishment etc.

Given the vast scope of this area, we only deal with smaller developments and projects of say up to 8 units or under £2 million.  Though we can deal with even bigger projects, we genuinely believe you will benefit from those specialising only with such transactions.

While experienced developers will be able to attract the attention of high street lenders we have taken pride in helping aspiring developers and smaller developers.


We offer non-investment linked personal insurance services to our clients. Life cover to protect family or mortgage or both in the event of death, critical illness cover which pays out in the event of some defined illness (such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, major organ failure etc) income protection which provides an alternative income in the event of you being unable to work for medical reasons.

We cover the entire spectrum of non-investment linked personal insurance including relevant life plans, key person insurance, shareholder protection, whole of life insurance etc. We take every care to ensure you do this in the best way possible for instance by placing these policies under a trust or for those with medical complications researching hard to find the insurance company that will offer best terms under their circumstances.

Our range of insurance service also includes property related general insurance such as buildings and/ or contents cover for homeowners, contents cover for tenants, landlords insurance to protect investment property.

Commercial mortgages

We offer advice and assistance with commercial mortgages, including business loans for working capital or expansion, commercial mortgages for investment properties, commercial mortgages for owner-occupied properties and mortgages for mixed use properties.

We deal with both high street lenders as well as specialist commercial lenders. Each case is unique and can be presented to a lender in one of many ways which can have a significant impact on the final outcome.  Our experience, contacts and attitude to help will significantly enhance your chances of getting the best deal.

Solicitor referrals

Although we are not solicitors, we do work closely with a number of legal professionals and will be happy to recommend a firm that is best suited for your needs. We have designed our services and developed our business so that we can take your property purchase from the initial enquiry and advice right through to completion, helping you get the expert assistance you need at every step of the process.

We recommend solicitors mainly to offer an end to end solution to you and generally don’t offer this service on its own since we don’t see us adding value if we are not acting on your mortgage or insurance. Again, should you want to use your own solicitors or go with a different solicitor then you will be under no pressure to use our recommended solicitors.

Why is independence important?

Despite the many options available both online and on the high street, finding a truly independent, unbiased and unrestricted financial adviser is really difficult. Despite their appearance, the majority of mortgage advisers out there are tied to a particular lender, or to a restricted panel of lenders, meaning you won’t be getting the full picture of your options.

At Nachu Finance, we are truly independent and unrestricted, so we can take an overview of the entire intermediary market, and bring you the solution that best suits your needs and gives you great value for money. We consider the whole of the market, and will look at all of the products which are available to us as an intermediary to bring you the perfect solution for you.

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